Toyota Prius Camry Hybrid Battery Cells 7 7V UP Nimh HV TESTED 2004-2009 USED

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Condition: Used
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This comes with a 90 day warranty. If you need more Hybrid Battery Cells then what we have listed? Please, just ask us. WE HAVE MORE IN STOCK! ANY QUESTIONS OR INQUIRIES !! DO YOU NEED ANY EXTRA PARTS?? SUCH AS BUS BAR ORANGE CONNECT , COPPER , BOLTS / NUTS , ANY PART FROM A PRIUS. For sale is an Clean GREAT Condition 2nd Generation Prius Battery Cell That has been TESTED and shows 7.60-7.80 volts . Will Fit 2004-2015 Prius 2007 -2015 Camry2007-2015 Nissan Altima2011-2015 Lexus Ct200 and other Hybrid Models. May be used on 2001-2003 Prius but you have to change all 38 cells , due to size of cells.WE ARE NOW PROVIDE 90 DAYS WARRANTY ON OUR CELLS . SERIAL NUMBER ON CELL WILL BE RECORDED IN OUR DATABASE . IF THE CELL FAILS WITHIN WARRANTY PERIOD WE WILL REPLACE THE CELL AT NO COST . BUT YOU AS THE BUYER WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL SHIPPING COST. ALL CELLS MUST MATCH SAME SERIAL NUMBER WE HAVE IN OUT DATABASE!