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Please note that most complex electronic parts, such as Engine control unit, Climate control, Instrument cluster etc., needs to be reprogrammed after fitting it to your vehicle to fully function. This is a common procedure when replacing these units. Also to avoid all situations where item might not fit your vehicle, please first match part numbers of your current unit with the one you are going to buy. If you are still not sure about fitment, please contact us first and we will give you all information and help you need. Pictures are the best way to look around your item before buying it, please look carefully for all possible defects (scratches, cracks, breakages, etc). You can also contact us if you need any additional pictures of the item. All International orders will be processed onl.
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Small scratches. TOYOTA CARINA LEFT HEADLAMP 1993. Model:CARINA 1993. ThisLEFT HEADLAMP is in good second-hand condition. All our parts are supplied with warranty. We have been suppplying quality second-hand parts to suit most Lexus & Toyota models since 1988.
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If there is any incompleteness in the product itself, we will respond in good faith on this side. We promise you to do our best to solve the problem.
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A rare original Toyota Carina 1600 De Luxe Saloon brochure dated Apr 1973. Brochure is single sheet printed both sides and is illus in colour & b/w and is in very good condition.
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We would very much appreciate if you could leave us one, too!
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TOYOTA CARINA UK SALES BROCHURE. Models covered:- 4-Door, 5-Door, Estate. English text. No dealer stamp.
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Welcome to Our Official eBay Store ! Description: Part is in good condition , even though, it was used and has a minor scratch. Please note that we are selling used car parts, so there's always a possibility of defects, which are not described or visible. Please contact us if you are unsure about anything and we will evaluate each part individually for you. We have 30 Working Days Returns Policy. We are a UK based company who ship globally. We are selling Genuine New and Used car/motorcycle parts. Click here to Subscribe to our Newsletter. Get the all latest News,Updates and Special Offers about OUR STORE. We are a UK based company who ship globally. We are selling Genuine New and Used car/motorcycle parts. Copyright © 2018, Tani Logics Uk. All rights reserved. eBay Store Design & Dev.
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ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU! We are grateful for your understanding. Our Policy.
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An excellent literature piece for the enthusiast/owner.
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Actual item in photos is what you are receiving! Very nice for display!
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